Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Fishnet Friday - German Sex Bomb Edition

At Least Not In English

Josephine Foster - "Nähe des Geliebten" My goodness, I must say you have very fine manners! You have such fine manners, the way you curtsied just under waistline and smiled upwards towards the lights, I've never seen such pleasant behaviour! You removed your shoes and left them hanging to dry, you crept snake-like across the floor to the chair and sat knees at a square right angle, how kind. You've kept your singing voice practiced and moist, what care! You eat nothing outside the proper colour spectrum, and drink nothing less viscous than peanut butter, you certainly have done your homework. You've even taken the care to carve the names of all the members of the visited household on the fleshy part of your belly. And such penmanship with that pen knife! Cared enough even to learn the dimensions of the house in advance so you could navigate to and from the bathroom and bedroom eyes closed and without hands rudely outstretched...

"Isn't this a pretty pussy?"

"Yes, yes, ummm... hummm..." agrees the appreciative S/M audience.

Ms. B. is splayed out naked on a medical table before them at tonight's Dungeon Fest demonstration.

"I believe it's the prettiest pussy I've ever seen," the lecturer continues, as she slips on her latex gloves. "Does everyone have a good view?"

The black-clad crowd scoots their chairs forward.

"I'm going to sew her labial lips together now, with a sterilized 16 gauge needle and fishing line -- we're using the largest possible needle, to get the best painfully-ritualistic effect."

Silence descends upon the group as the ambidextrous lecturer, Trish the Tailor, begins to shove the huge needle through the base of Ms. B's left labia.

"AAAAEIEEIAIEIAIE!" Ms. B. screams in hair-raising anguish.

Labial stitching is an intimate medical play fetish that's on the cutting edge of the modern-primitive scene. Women like Ms. B. are requesting that their sensitive snatches be sewn up, so that they can experience the endorphin ecstasy that arrives after excruciating agony.


FishyFlowy(V) said...

Waaaa.. sewing .. we call that basting... big stitches...

Zurrrr... I'm speechless....


w said...

Deutsche frauen über alles in der welt

squint mccoy said...

Boy howdy!