Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Angel Takes Flight

© Ковалёв Алексей


HappyFlowy(V) said...

What a pretty as*... errr I mean angel...

Hi Akira!

{{{{{ FlightMurst }}}}}

wagga said...

She said she'd spend Earth Hour with me tonight 8:30 pm.

Akira said...

So I guess I'll just keep mursting myself on Baab...?

squint mccoy said...

User ID: 644691
3/29/2009 4:50 PM

I was born a poor retarded troll under a bridge near dusseldorf. My mother didn't love me and my father would beat me. I dreamed of running away to travel the world but I had no money and very few skillz. Finally, the manager of the local wiener factory took pity on me and allowed me to work in the teeny weenie department because my hands were small, and I could not handle the big weenies without dropping them on the floor. I worked very hard, packing the little weenies into crates, until one day the factory manager's wife noticed me and came over and started blowing in my ear...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 643161 (OP)

That's an inspiring story, Mothra!

Glad we were able to help you.

Have a Nice Day.

User ID: 644691
3/29/2009 4:50 PM

I'm glad to be appreciated. I could finish the troll porn story for you if you wish. It has a happy ending. :D

User ID: 644691
3/29/2009 4:54 PM

She leaned in close and rubbed against the turgidity of my tiny, yet raging erection. It was a troll sized woodie to be sure. I started to pull up her frilly dress while she moaned heavily. The noise from the weiner assembly line was drowning out the heavy breathing. Finally she bent over a pallet, ass cheeks shining from the factory lights. I grabbed a box to stand on, my butt muscles were quivering...

Last Edited by Mothra on 3/29/2009 at 4:55 PM

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 643161 (OP)

That's nice.
And how does that make you feel?

User ID: 644691
3/29/2009 4:58 PM

Her ass was heaving in anticipation, I scooted the box between her legs and dove right in. I was giving it all I had, the frilly hem of her dress was covering my head and neck. I started to get dizzy from the excitement and exertion, finally, when the stimulation was too much I...

(To be continued)

Happy/Happy/Flowy(V) said...


I got sick laughing from that story... frilly dress indeed...

Especially love the sound effects... ka chung....

Title = "The Knockwurst Wonder"

Akubi said...

Hilariously absurd!
Where did that come from - no pun intended?

Ha{[{[y/Ha{[{[y/Flowy(V) said...

Hi Squint...

Is your story in weekly installments?

I've been wondering how factory owner's wife was doing...

Anonymous said...

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